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YYou know those people who seem to have an endless abundance of confidence and self-love? And, I’m not talking the Kanye-Cocky type. [grimace] I’m talking about that gal who always holds her head a bit higher, speaks up about what she needs (without apologizing), and is always “amazing” every time you ask her how she’s doing. You know who I’m talking about.


Maybe it’s your cousin who has no problem politely declining family events… when you *maybe* let your mom guilt the shit out of you if you were to decline. Maybe it’s your co-worker who speaks up if she feels like something isn’t right at the office and always does so with the utmost grace. Maybe it’s that philosophy teacher you had in college who professed self-kindness and actually showed you what a strong, confident woman looked like.


We have all met these peeps in our lives. And, if you’re like most people, you assume that they have some sort of secret sauce. Like, they are just “wired” that way.

You know what? I call bullshit.

Self-worth is not bestowed. It’s not granted. It’s a choice. There is no self-worth store you can swing by and see if you qualify. YOU and you alone make that choice.


And that, my love, is the only difference between the masses (and maybe you) and those incredible spirits who seem to have confidence on lock. They CHOSE self-worth. And acted like it. They CHOSE self-love. And exemplified it. They CHOSE confidence and spoke from it.


And you can absolutely do the same.


You simply need to “unlearn” the false notions that have created your current reality. And learn and implement a new way of viewing yourself that leads to incredible bliss and joy. Like, utopian-unicorn-shitting-glitter kind of joy.


If you’re reading this going, “Oh, YES! Show me the way!” Then you are in the right place, Grasshopper. Want to know where to start? Grab my free eWorkbook up there [she points to the top of the page] and/or have a listen to a pod or two.


You aren’t alone. You are more powerful than you think. And I’m super fuckin’ glad you’re here. This is going to be magical.

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