So… This is typically where all the boring stuff goes, right?

This is where people look to see if you are legit… If you really know your shit or if you are someone they should spend their time/money/energy on. So, I’ll give you all the formal info below, but I figure, if you are anything like me, all that stuff is just that… Stuff. And, what you would really like to know is who-the-hell Amy Smith is and what-the-hell Joy Junkie is.  Am I off base? I don’t think so. So, let me tell you a little about me…


I’m thirty-four years young… I’m totally obsessed with joy and personal fulfillment, and probably equally obsessed with shoes… I’m a bit of a hippie, but also kinda high-maintenance at the same time… I believe we can all create our future and we do everyday… I have distant relatives in the circus… I write out all my personal goals everyday… I’ve been married to my absolute soul mate, confidant, best friend, lover for fourteen years, sixteen together… I have a weird freckle on my palm… I think I’m probably my own biggest fan… I’m German and Irish by decent, so my skin is either white or red; there are only two options… I have no tattoos, but have been planning out a sleeve for years… I’m an ordained minister… I feel called to radically impact the lives of others for a greater good… I am convicted to care take for our community and planet… I am passionate about creating… Creating works of art, cultivating friendships and relationships, creating meaning, creating knowledge and strength… I love working out and live a life saturated with health and wellness… I’m a Taurus… I have chosen not to have children… The E. stands for Elizabeth… And, finally… I believe there is nothing greater than truly, honestly, unabashedly loving this life.


So, the above wasn’t always the case… I haven’t always been so passionate about life purpose or truly loved the woman that I am. I spent about a decade working as a makeup artist and doing all the right “big-girl job” stuff: climbing up the corporate ladder in a prestige makeup brand, driving the company car, working with celebrities, and dying a slow death. I found myself having a rather intense quarter-life crisis and realized that I needed to seriously get my shit together if I was ever going to really live this life for me and not for anyone else. About that time, my husband (Mr. Smith), came home and sweetly informed me, “Babe, I found the perfect career for you… You need to be a life coach… You already are”. That was in about 2006, and I took some time to study the profession, resign out of my suffocating “big-girl” job, and see what the next chapter of life would look like.

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HEY, YOU! Want to know how to love + live your most badass life?

Well, you're in luck. Just so happens... That's what I do! Let's do this.

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Enter Joy Junkie Enterprises. I got my education/certifications, etc. and began building. I wanted to create a coaching practice that focused whole-heartedly on living the richest life possible. I soon realized that my niche, or gift, as I would rather call it, was in the realm of relationships. I knew from a very young age that I just understood the dynamics of relational interactions. As a young child, I remember watching married couples squabbling on sit-coms and thinking, “Why doesn’t she just tell him how she feels?” or “Why doesn’t he just say what he needs from her?” So, that’s what I do now… Decades later… I work with individuals, couples, and groups who are in relationship transition. That’s kinda the boring definition. I really just help people get their shit together… particularly in regards to love + life [grin].


Ok, so for those of you who need to know my education, here you go (I don’t blame you, by the way, but degrees don’t make us successful, we make us successful, yeah?): I have a BS in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) by the Coaches Training Institute and currently hold the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential through the International Coaches Federation which is the governing body that oversees the entire coaching profession and community. I also have a certification through the non-profit Art and Creativity for Healing, and am an Ordained Officiant through Open Ministry based in San Diego, California.

Anything else you need to know… Just ask… I’m kinda an open book.

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